About Us

Background to birth of FIRA

The current developments that demonstrate Government’s commitment to regulate the funeral services sector and establishment of an ombudsman, highlighted the need for an independent, professional and transformed Funeral Industry Association, encompassing service offerings to consumers, public and private sector, as seen in some of the spheres of our government. FIRA has resulted in the change of focus, amongst others, mobilizing government and industry in setting the same goals towards the establishment of a non-racial, non-sexist and all-embracing Funeral Association of all who trade in the funeral and related services, including public participation.

We, the members of FIRA, have united and established a non-racial and non-sexist Independent Professional Association related to the South African Funeral and Financial Services Industry Sector with the vision, mission and objectives that will drive our commitment to FREEDOM, FAIRNESS AND OPPORTUNITY for ALL and by doing that, FIRA as an independent formation will:

  • Protect and educate public, as pleaded by the public on national television voting 87% in favour thereof;
  • Support the priorities of Government;
  • Support changing of laws, hampering economic growth and development;
  • Drive transformation, training and skills development;
  • Provide members access to information;
  • Provide all members access to business opportunities;
  • Provide members the opportunity to participate in all its activities;
  • Participate in all our engagements with Government;
  • Protect and advance funeral industry workers; and
  • Promote members in the media and with decision makers.

FIRA believes that a non-exploitative and democratic society depends on the unity of a variety of businesses operating within the funeral and financial services industry, need to add value to members, policyholders and the broader public. As an Association we have united, enabling ourselves so that we can control our own destiny and take our historic role as a vanguard of our members and the public.

FIRA strives for a better controlled funeral and financial services industry in general, driven by business within the industry for the constant quest to provide development, education, enable job creation, training, transformation and the provision of better services to the public.

FIRA therefor, represents the product of a refocused strategic direction and dynamic activism that seek to benefit the funeral service providers and the consumers alike, and help redress the imbalances of the past through development programmes. FIRA further realises the need to assist Government in its objectives to promote small and medium business, also providing guidance to well established business sectors.

FIRA members and the FIRA trademark represent will ensure care and professional service. FIRA members would be guided by in-house accreditation standards aligned to legislation, FIRA Constitution, Code of Conduct and a Membership Policy, designed to meet both community needs and exceeds the expectations in all aspects of service delivery, thus encouraging small and medium business to development and reach the accreditation standards of the association.

The FIRA codes and policy would exceed any current standards, FIRA however assures and commits itself to assist and guide industry participants with our assistance. FIRA will assist and guide its members to ensure that the community, public and private sector assisted by members who are sincerely caring and provide professional services and products, particularly at a time of uncertainty and distress for grieving families and relatives.


FIRA membership is open mainly to all who are involved in the funeral, financial, insurance and manufacturing services within the sector. However, the list is not exhaustive, as membership is not limited to these areas, but includes the immediate disposition companies, memorial societies, and those who teach, train research or offer advisory services in the various facets of the funeral and related services.

FIRA aims to recruit and unite the South African public, consumers, faith based groups, financial services, industry associations, labour organisations, NGO’s, key decision makers, traditional leadership and business operating within the value chain for the sole benefit of members of the association and the funeral and financial services industry in general; whom renders services and/or goods to the general public into one single association in order to share their economic and social welfare.

Membership Scope

FIRA is the only National Independent Funeral Association who aims to have representation in every province throughout the Republic of South Africa. FIRA is widely recognised as the authoritative voice on all funeral related matters as highlighted in the print and electronic media, and its key objective is to optimise and implement our authentic understanding and research backed up by years of funeral experience and ensures quality delivery of service to the public and funeral industry, by enhancing and promoting professional funeral standards, thus is membership open but not limited to:

  • Administrators;
  • Banking industry
  • Brokers;
  • Funeral parlours;
  • Funeral and related services industry employers & employees;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Manufacturers;
  • NGO’s;
  • Public;
  • Suppliers;
  • Unions – related to communication, public service and manufacturing.

The National Working Committee may investigate irregularities of members owned by natural or juristic persons in order to prevent any possible conflict between members reaching the objectives of the Association.


  • Access to a network of sister service providers for advice on specific aspects of the funeral and related services business;
  • Knowledge exchange in a community of diverse talents and skills within membership to add value to your business;
  • Exposure to findings and recommendations of research conducted locally and abroad on the funeral and related services industry;
  • Assistance towards and facilitation of access to funeral service facilities, systems and processes;
  • Direction; guidance, and support on matters of transformation and industry best practises.

Provide in-house training that would enable FIRA membership to meet our set standards, all relevant compliance, industry and exceed consumer expectations (T&C Apply)

Board of Directors

  • Mr Johan Rousseau (Executive Chairman)
  • Mr Robert Mhlambi (CEO)
  • Rev Gift Moerane (Non-Executive Director)
  • Mr Makhaya Ntini (Non-Executive Director)
  • Mr Pierre du Plooy (Company Secretary)
  • Others to follow